MIC CHECK 2. DMV in the building~~

As promised bringing to you.. the one and only Conscious representing the DMV…he has walked a long road..and its only just starting…

We’ll be uncovering more behind the artist later..but for now let’s get right into it…

1. Name- how did you come to your artist name? “Well, my artist name was actually derived from an old childhood friend who always pointed out my self-conscious tendencies in my youth, oddly enough I still hold those very same tendencies to this day. But as I matured and established a sense of direction for the music, I believe the name “Conscious” became very self-explanatory in means of what I represent and who I am as an artist.  Social and political awareness became important topics in which I would dwell on so heavily to the point where it started to become relevant and influential in my music.  I just feel with a name that’s as simple as “Conscious”, people will be able to identify with what I’m bringing to the table. Thus, there is no room for contradiction in my music as a “Conscious” artist.”

2.Best piece of advice you have ever gotten? “Always practice humility, stay true to yourself and maintain confidence.  How can you expect the world to be confident in what you present, if you can’t even find confidence in yourself?”

3.Why are you an artist? ” I look back at the Renaissance period, how art and literature dominated throughout the 14th-16th centuries, and it was just amazing how influential one’s work can be on society.  Artistry gives you the freedom to express your thoughts, ideas and opinions like no other.  Thats what I love about hip hop.  There is no boundaries..there is no limitations and you are free to give the people all of you through your craft.  Not to mention, I LOVE HIP HOP! Thats why I’m an artist”

4.Whats the latest project<s> the people can expect from you? “I’m not good with release dates so I’ll leave that info exclusive. lol Lets see, I am currently working on my, (technically speaking) 4th solo mixtape which will be entitled “Black Collar Society: Vol. I” as well as a couple collaborative projects that I am hoping for within the 2010 time frame.  Definitely be on the look out for that BCS though, thats a given. ;-)”

5.What is success mean to you?/What do you consider success? “I consider personal fulfillment and satisfaction, success.  When you have come to a point in your life, where you can reflect on the path you took and you have achieved prosperity through all of your hard work. Success can never be measured by the money, cars and the clothes…pun intended”

6.What is your view on the current state of hiphop? ” Well, I don’t want to sound too cliché by saying that hip hop is “in a state of emergency”, but evidently it is what it is.  Now I’m not one of those back pack niggas that complain on mainstream artists success, but there is a profound lack of substance in the industry.  The drive, the passion, originality, creativity, that true essence which defined hip hop as a culture…all of which has become lost amongst this new generation.  As hip hop matures and audiences become more subject to wrinky dink songs, there is no doubt that the sound thats developed will change, whether it’s for the better or worse.  There just needs to be a balance in the industry.  It’s like, everybody can not sell kilos if the product isn’t raw and potent. But today its like those perpetrators are getting away with it. In theory, thats how I look at it.  The audiences today are so easily influenced which is why everything is a commodity in the mainstream world.  That’s why I don’t even stress it. It’s a survival of the fittest and apparently in this game money is muscles with a bogus marketing plan.  Through it all, real music heads will continue to appreciate the art and talent of so many artists out there that deserve that recognition.  Just keep pressing on.”

7.What Challenges have you faced recently? “Well recently, the challenges I’ve faced deals with the company I keep.  It’s difficult, I’ve learned that this game is a business and nothing is personal.  The quote “guilty by association” really can put a damper on your image.  When someone’s representation conflicts with yours then it becomes a problem.  So everyday I really struggle to ask myself, are the people I affiliate with musically really a representation of who I am and what I represent as an artist? Once you figure that out, then you have to make necessary changes to satisfy you in the long run.”

8.Recession…has it effected you in any way as an artist? “Recession? Too much hype…its overrated actually.  As a true artist, I feel as though you control your own destiny financially or whatever the case may be.  It’s all about that grind and ultimately being in a comfortable position.  Independent is always the route to go, especially in these “recession” times.  Major labels are always trying to find a way to “budget” artists aka fuckery, what a perfect way to do it with the recession right?! Do you, independent, control your own destiny.”

9.If nothing else what do you want the people and your fans to take away from your music? “I want the people to see authenticity in every lyric, every 16, every track.  I want them to identify with the depth of my passion and the love I have for hip hop. I want to be seen as a relative individual who knows about the struggle and being underestimated.  I have been the underdog my entire life but through determination and diligence I’ve been able to overcome obstacles which have stood in my way.  Everybody has a story to tell, and by the end of this all I want the fans to appreciate the genuine artistry.”

10. Links to your current work, contact, blog, website etc

www. twitter.com/ill_conscious

Email: blackcollarsoc21@gmail.com
Aim: blackcollar21

I ask all the artist I interview to add a picture that represents them and represents where they come from…

“Basically this shows my drive and my passion…as an artist/performer and I want my audience to feel everything I put as an artist into my craft..basically this is me..my shyt…take it or leave it.” Conscious

“this is  hiphop in baltimore..the cuture..it exist here and many feel its a bias place but its not…hiphop lives in bmore this shows one of the five elements that is hiphop..we are here..and we are a force yet to be heard..but when we do…” Conscious

So I wanted to dig a little deep on this one…I’m very familiar with the DMV area as I use to live there and I’m very familiar with Baltimore as I live here too. Just a few questions I had to ask about the tension over the dmv and Baltimore as they are seen very separate. What many don’t know is this DMV= DC MARYLAND (NEAR DC AREAS) AND VIRGINA. But here’s the kicker even though Baltimore is in Maryland it’s not readily excepted in the DMV alliance.  So I just had to ask…

Phone interview~~

DJM.NILA~~When I first asked you what you rep you said dmv…But you speak heavily on Baltimore…Do you feel there is a line that divides the two and if so should it change?

CONSCIOUS~~ “I feel that whole situation does and doesn’t need to be squashed..bmore is md and md is bmore..its a live city in md…its only right that its included in the whole alliance ..only reason ppl are shadowing  it is because the way we treat ourselves..main diff dc is more diverse and supports more of their artist…bmore is more club musically and doesn’t support hiphop as much from within its city walls..they need to be more apart of the tribe…”

DJM.NILA~~ “So a lack of a foundation?~

CONSCIOUS~~ “crabs in a bucket, we all know the phrase and it holds true when one nig is reach to the top you got a gang of others pulling one down..bossman…100grand man… you could say they are just a few of the  “top” Baltimore” rappers cuz they had radio play etc but you’ll never see them callab on a track with one another..shutting down a whole show together…there’s no unity…”

DJM.NILA~~ “So the talents out there none the less?”

CONSCIOUS~~ “MOST DEF…but some catz are out there..not really penetrate through the walls of the city…without support with out wanting to step outside that comfort…take a chance…not forget their city but rep whats real”

DJM.NILA~~ “change? will it happen?”

CONSCIOUS~~ “yea..id love to see that..love to see artist being endorsed..how Wale did DC..DMV… carrying it on his back…like Jay endorsed Wale…he doesn’t forget where he’s from..IF Baltimore can  become endorsed by Baltimore then why wouldn’t DMV hop on with it…Why wouldn’t we want to join together and do what we love to do..hiphop. Why wouldn’t we be able to stand-alone? We could…just gotta knock that struggle and do it…”

DJM.NILA~~ “Do you think you could be the one to carry Baltimore to victory?”

CONSCIOUS~~ ” I believe I can yes ma’am…I’m willing to work with artist that I feel is gifted… Willing to work with those that have potential and that are willing as well..giving…passionate about the craft and not the material bullshyt…lyrics keep me hungry and its whats gonna make me full. Too many talented ppl here not to and besides i feel truly at the end of the day its Baltimore’s unity that will make it rise to its rightful glory in the hiphop pages…BMORE!


This had me thinking so we’ll get more into the whole Baltimore ~DMV… in another blog… thanks for reading ya’ll

o..u..t. DJM.NILA


~ by B.A.N. Sheep~ on December 20, 2009.

One Response to “MIC CHECK 2. DMV in the building~~”

  1. Great questions and responses. Conscious’ thoughts on the recession, state of hip-hop, and the whole Baltimore-DMV setup are influential.

    P.S. I got mad respect for the Renaissance era too. We need a neo-Renaissance now!

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