Mic Check 3 w/..Maximosis..Bronx in the building!!

It always funny the first time you meet someone…but there’s always something about hearing someone for the first time…I mean really hearing someone. No matter the genre music is music..and when its good. It speaks for itself.

Twitter is some what addicting I must admit though I was a tough sale. Even still I learned and saw it at its worse..and at its best…lets focus on its best for today..within it’s best it’s led me to Maximosis…Funny how one small spec , twitter, of the internet can bring union of the ears and music…and oh what a lovely union..the best listener is an unexpected one…they’re not looking for anything..but what they find is something…well magnificant..something that moves them…I had to learn more….

1. Name- how did you come to your artist name? My real name is Maximo  Garcia, I use to play trumpet growing up and tour all over the country, I had a few friends who were really into rock music and they would get on drums guitar and instrument and ROCK out. One day my friend James came on the mic and said “YOU GOT THE MAXIMOSIS!!!! ” that was in 97 I made it my Aim Name and ever since people been calling me Mosis, Maximosis or just plain ol Max.
2.Best piece of advice you have ever gotten? Find a job doing something you love and you will never work a day in your life.
3.Why are you an artist? Music flows through my veins, I been playing the trumpet since i was 9 years old, went to bloomingdale house of music for 4 years then Juliard for 2 studied classical and chamber music. As I got older I moved onto Jazz , Latin Jazz, Meruenge Salsa. At the same time being a Bronx kid I was always doing open mics, cyphers in the cafeteria street corners or just at a homies crib.
4.Whats the latest project<s> the people can expect from you? The latest Project right know I did with a good friend of mine Nick also goes by the name of Various Wayse  released Revenge of the Nerds Mixtape a free online download. As far as a SOlo Project I currently put together a Live band and am working on some songs to start performing live in the underground circuit. Also Maximosis.com Comming soon, News, comedy,entertainment

5.What is success mean to you?/What do you consider success?
I consider success being happy with your position and being able to live doing it. Right now I have a 4 year old daughter as well as a Life Partner (Tina) whom I live for. I work in Architecture and Design Marketing and social media now and am able to support my family while staying involved with things that I love like Music, and skating. So I feel pretty successful on some aspects, but now that I have the ability I feel it’s an opportunity to bring my music to the next level.
6.What is your view on the current state of hiphop? The state of hip hop right now to me Is pretty much the same state as everything else, it’s too corporate, bubblegum influenced by people who don’t really have love for it like the originators did. But thats the Mainstream, and as far as I know this will always be so, Hip hop like all other genres of music is plagued by a very political industry  that is driven by trends and lacks originality. LIke most dj’s or other raw heads I dig in the crates and surf the web for good music and believe me. It is out there. Hip hop is Fine, it’s just gotten so big you just cant label it no more its been broken up in to various categories.
7.What Challenges have you faced recently? Challenges have been moving into a new industry, I’ve always worked in customer service and at a Hedge Fund for the last 3 years and early 2009 Moved into this new field that I was a bit scared of the change but I adapted quickly and couldn’t be happier.
8.Recession…has it effected you in any way as an artist? Most definitely definitely market crashed I lost my job and had a quick 2 month Hustle to get back on Track, Couldnt worry about anything but taking care of me and My Fam.

9.If nothing else what do you want the people and your fans to take away from your music? I rap about different things than the usual rapper. I want people to REad I want people not to believe everything they See on tV or hear from a news reporter I want people to learn how to use the HUMAN ability to Reason. It sounds a bit wierd but you’ll be surprised how far it can take us as a people when these things are actually applied.

10. Links to your current work, contact, blog, website etc.


MAXIMOSIS.com (coming soon)

After the interview I couldn’t help but get a sense of strength and confidence not just as an artist but a man…not much needs to be said except if you aren’t doing what you love exactly at the moments you feel you want to do so..make it happen…and you see hard work, passion, drive, and patience are all it takes.  I implore you to take a listen..after all music tells the story raw and uncut at the end of the day…you decide.

o.u.t.. djm.nila


~ by B.A.N. Sheep~ on December 21, 2009.

3 Responses to “Mic Check 3 w/..Maximosis..Bronx in the building!!”

  1. I really Like what you guys are doing with music, definitely the direction the world should be going. Keep up the good work dudes

  2. i agree with what he says on the current state of hip-hop, keep droppin that knowledge bro peace.


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