Mic Check 5 taking you on this journey w/ Tony Moon

This next artist I have the pleasure of presenting ya’ll will take you on a psychological  trip, but in the best way possible.  This goes beyond being conscious and aware…this is taking life to the next level and truly understanding what that actually means. We as humans have that constant thirst for something more..and better..and why not but thirst for something you don’t quite understand..it is then you break down all barriers and start to focus on the bigger picture you will truly understand…but thats a journey in its self and honestly that’s what it’s about,  journey. In this case a real humble MC with something worth LISTENING to… With out further a due let us take this journey with Tony Moon…

1. Name- how did you come to your artist name?

Tony Moon is a slight variation of my government name.  I came up with it when I was still very new to rhyming, around 15 years old, and it was one of my many aliases at the time.  Back then, I had envisioned a persona/style to accompany each moniker. I.e. one name might be for my battle style, another name might be for my poetic style, another for my conscious style, etc. And since “Tony Moon” was the closest to my given name I assigned my “truer” rhymes to this alias (I’m laughin’ now thinking about how bad some of the names were — I have no idea what I was thinking with that idea — ha.). Obviously, at that age I was still blinded by the illusion of labels and separation. I soon began to realize that “truth” shouldn’t be a relative term, only an absolute one.  Also, my rhymes naturally started reflecting more and more what I really thought and felt, void of gimmicks or image concerns, as I matured and solidified my worldview.  So over a short time those names melted away, boiling down to just Tony Moon.  The name now symbolizes providing light to humanity in times of darkness; reflecting what I try to provide with my music during the oncoming of this New Secular Order masterminded by the global elite (Illuminati, Bilderberg Group, Tri-Lateral Commission, Freemasons, OTO, Rothschilds, etc.).

2.Best piece of advice you have ever gotten?

Great question. Honestly, I can’t think of any specific piece of advice I’ve gotten that has stuck with me as a tenet to live by. I guess I tend to take advice with a grain of salt because I believe we’re all living in an illusion to a large extent, manipulated and lied to about the true nature of humanity/existence on a mass scale. So most advice is probably predicated on lies or a false paradigm, and will probably attempt to guide one within that same false reality, not outside of it (albeit well intentioned advice). I even hold myself to this and rarely give advice, as I’m still seeking truth too. So I guess I’ve, for the most part, personally carved out my current paradigm by integrating and/or dismissing various information based on my intuition as I travel along this spiritual path.

3.Why are you an artist?

Ha, now that question has got many layers to it. I don’t know why I was born with an affinity for visual and spoken-word art forms.  I’d imagine it has something to do with my soul’s journey since the beginning of existence — Maybe I was an artist in past lives? Maybe I chose this life to experience what artistic ability feels like as part of my spiritual evolution? Maybe something in my DNA’s genetic code? My parents’ love for Motown and Soul could have had something to do with it. I’m not sure.

I can say that I consciously started writing rhymes almost solely because of my love for Hip Hop. I was particularly enthralled by the figurative language used in the “East Coast” underground Hip Hop I was hearing around 1997 (i.e. metaphors, similes, synecdoche, rhyme scheme, subtext, etc.). There were plenty of times in English class when I was studying a technique used by some old, famous author or poet, and then hear the same technique used by an emcee on a mixtape the same night — executed much better. So, I decided to give it a try, instantly loved creating it, and have been creating ever since.

I continue to do it because I see the power of music and I care about the destiny of every person on this planet. Music can start revolutions, movements, and shifts of consciousness. Everything is sound and rhythm. Even thoughts are ELF (extremely low frequency) sound waves at different rhythms. I see music as the most natural art form. I make my music to get information and concepts out to people and into existence, just as an example of a different perspective on life. Hopefully, it will resonate with people and inspire some to seek truth and freedom as well as question power. I feel it’s my role here and now; to positively affect the collective consciousness through the potent art form of music.

4.Whats the latest project<s> the people can expect from you?

My debut mixtape, “Moonshine: You Know, For Kids!”, is still available for free download at: http://www.sendspace.com/file/z7a8yb

I have two upcoming projects. The first will be my debut EP “Sacred Sounds”, produced entirely by my homie Van Ark (www.myspace.com/VanArkMusic) out in Richmond, VA. I’m excited as hell about this one. We did something different with this project and I can’t wait to see how people react. Expect to see it within the few weeks — it’ll be available on iTunes, Amazon, cdbaby, etc. as well as at www.stillMuzik.com and a couple other overseas labels.

The second project is my second mixtape, entitled “Lunar Plexus”.  It’ll be dropping right behind “Sacred Sounds” and will feature dope artists like Fatso, K-Beta, AP the Prince, B. Sheba, K. NIX, and Tamika Jones. This project will be available for free download at my ReverbNation and Myspace pages as well as at stillMuzik.com. This project will have a completely different feel than the first mixtape, as I’ve gone with all new producers. The content starts to depart from the tangible a bit more as well, but still expect the flow, rhyme schemes, and lyrics to be on another level.

Other than that, you can catch me on Van Ark’s upcoming EP, “Midnight Music Theater” (dropping early next year on the ROOT70 label) and on the Grand Seedz (Jah-I-Witness Emcee & Sunny Tuff) EP coming out soon.

5.What does success mean to you?/What do you consider success?

Success is joy in the moment. Every moment that I’m truly peaceful and happy is a successful one. I’m starting to see that there is no past or future, only “now”. And the more I can focus on the “now” and be peaceful in that moment, the more I’ll be experiencing oneness and life.

6.What is your view on the current state of hiphop?

In my opinion, Hip Hop is in the same state as all other forms of mainstream media (Pop, Rock, Country, Film, TV, Radio, etc.). It is controlled/manipulated by a small group of powerful, rich, elite, people in clandestine occult secret societies. It’s a weapon wielded by them as a means to re-affirm an already established limited view of humanity and existence, distract people from truth, and manipulate people’s thoughts and behavior on a mass scale.  It lays out very constricted ideas of how life should be through the basic but strong MK-Ultra mind-control technique of repetition. Even the use of color scheme and symbols in music videos is designed to subliminally affect the audience’s mind for elite’s benefit. Hip Hop is now a brainwashing mechanism. Even a lot of people’s favorite artists (Nas, Jay-Z, Kanye, John Lennon, Micheal Jackson) are/were involved with Luciferian occult worship and the mind control of the public.

But as with all instances where tyranny controls a culture, there is sub-culture which thrives free of direct manipulation and which preserves the essence of that culture. I’d say that’s manifested in Underground Hip Hop. I see this sub-culture as gaining more and more influence in today’s vibrational balance. I think this is due to the updates in technology, and the relatively low cost of making and distributing music these days. More and more fans are finding what they are looking for in an obscure emcee online or at a local show than on the radio or on TV. And less and less artists are trying to emulate what they hear on radio or see on TV as a result. I hope this trend continues — I love variety, plus we’ll never evolve if we don’t disconnect from the machine (in more ways than just music).

7.What Challenges have you faced recently?

I’d say my biggest challenge these days is integrating the new information I come across through my research/experience into my lifestyle. Basically, trying to find balance between acknowledging/engaging the spiritual and existing in the physical realm. My worldview/consciousness has shifted considerably over the last few years, and living by those new principles is difficult given the current economic structure and social standards (all constructed by the global elite secret societies). When you realize there’s much more to this life than the superficial and the illusion we’ve been spoon-fed, it’s hard to immediately divorce yourself from the system (most of that difficulty is fear-driven).

For instance, I know virtually all of our food is genetically modified, that chemical trails with barium and aluminum (poisons to humans) are sprayed on us daily, that cell phone use causes DNA breakage, and that the Federal Reserve is designed to subjugate and disenfranchise, among many other things, yet the only way to avoid these impediments to higher consciousness is to completely remove oneself from the system and be self sufficient. I could easily move to an obscure part of Peru with an indigenous tribe away from these things, but how then would I help the next person break free from their comfort zone? And in that case, am I really free? How would I be able to interact with my fellow human beings? And on the other side of that is realizing the true potential of the human spirit/oneness. Every second spent operating in the false paradigm held by the general public in order to make the general public aware of certain lies is a second that could have been spent meditating, deep-breathing, or otherwise pursuing spiritual enlightenment. And needless to say, a person talking about past lives, auras, remote viewing, oneness, love, vibrations, energy, etc. isn’t exactly revered by their peers, so it makes it difficult to maintain everyday relationships with people stuck in the old paradigm.

Also, I grapple daily with trying to best share with people the information/experiences I’ve come across. Compassion drives me to attempt to wake people up, but it ultimately ends in frustration as many people are enraged by truth or suffer from cognitive dissonance when it comes to connecting the dots they see daily. I get a lot out through my music, but I’m still struggling with how to exchange information effectively and on a large scale without the vehicle of music.

8.Recession…has it effected you in any way as an artist?

It has. Just like all current events, it provides content for my music. it’s another result of the global elite’s manipulation to enslave us, so there’s a lot of information I can get out through my music to make people aware of the real problem. I also see the effects (tent cities, crime rate leaps, etc.) and can bring those topics out in my songs for those who are unaware. It also fuels me with a sense of urgency when creating. The times have gotten bad, but they will get a lot worse before getting better. The recession is just another step toward the elite’s One World Government. The time is quickly approaching, so when I see something like the recession occur, it reminds me that the elite are ever-diligent and I need to be just as diligent in exposing them and empowering humanity.

9.If nothing else what do you want the people and your fans to take away from your music?

I want people to know that there is much more to this world and our human potential than we can even imagine.  I want people to know that we are all one, and that there are nefarious, clandestine entities working very hard to keep us disconnected from this oneness and this truth as to keep us divided and conquered. I want them to know we have the power to control our destiny. We can opt for love over fear. The world around you has been carefully, meticulously, deliberately, and over thousands of years, constructed to dampen your spiritual ability and keep you enslaved so we must work that much harder to free ourselves. There isn’t much time left, but we can and will be free. Hopefully my music will give a fan a shred of truth that compels them to seek more truth.

10. Links to your current work, contact, blog, website etc.

“Moonshine: You Know, For Kids!”: http://www.sendspace.com/file/z7a8yb

As always I ask my artist to show me where they come from…I think it’s quite clear her that Mr Moon understand that his origins are far reaching beyond earth…that next level of thinking and understanding…get it yet? I implore you to check him out further..you have some catching up to do.. o.u..t… DJM.NILA

Thank you again, DJM.Nila  for this opportunity. I love to see this kind of movement within the arts. And thank you to all of the readers and fans. I love you all. Peace and many blessings from the Moon.


~ by B.A.N. Sheep~ on December 30, 2009.

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