In a world where no one supports you but you??? Independent Underground struggle.

Having a conversation with Conscious early today had me in a whirlwind of thoughts and at the end came this realization, when you’re an artist of any kind and you have something to are as confident if not more than the next and the art is as pure as the art form itself , yet how are you then heard or receive when society gives you outlets that lead to well, bullshyt…a giant propaganda that’s a revolving door…enters technology. No more is  it enough to shut a show down. To have grace , style and presence. Its seems the lounge venue days just aren’t prevalent in this town. Now you must have THE INTERNET factor? but in a world so fast..where 30 secs of your play is barely listened to and once in a rare chance downloaded where’s the love? where’s the support. False supports are springing up faster than haters…these are the cats that are saying they down for the cause, that they’re loving the music, and want to hop on with you on your next shit…but really they couldn’t give a damn…because in the end the music the heart of the music was never only ends up as a gimmick. Another means to show face some how if only for three seconds. With that false support popping up again with little to no promo from the other side.

Factors in this all??? this new age of bullshyt…same shyt different day for these folks. Trying to create a trend of this here “underground” yet nothing about you would represent such. Cats rather sound like the next so and soo instead of THEIR SELF! Originality being not longer scares but close to extinction.

Lost in a world where no one supports you but you what do you do? You just keep maintaining, strive for your definition of excellence and fuck what other ppl do or say.  Many of the “greats” were never great until they actually died/ staying true to them self through turmoil and struggle…through poverty and doubt…keeping close to those true to them…and discarding the rest…its a life sometimes of terrible realizations but remembering the reason you’re doing what you’re doing …love, love for your craft. …love was never an easy motivation to swallow but its one of the strongest..because through its sorrow and disappointment; highs and lows ultimate the end product is the indication of how authentic and genuine that  love really was.

So I end like this, with this new lack of support i take it with a grain of salt. Because ultimately I’m doing this and anything else for me. and if people like it enough and want to stick with me great..if not then I didn’t know you anyway and imma keep on stepping.  roughly skating on this ice of everyman for himself i choose to stand alone. Doesnt that mean im going stop supporting those i recognize as real..not at all. But like most the focus will remain on my court and with time the bigger picture will be revealed.

o.u..t… DJM.Nila~~~


~ by B.A.N. Sheep~ on January 4, 2010.

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