““LTru”: LyricallyTru. A Snapshot…”

I met Ms. LTru back in College….but it wasn’t until later we actually started to collab with one another. Curiosity they say kills the cat, well in this instance it build a bound to a stronger, greater connect. I consider myself a Jane of all Trades and this young woman is the same. Life lessons how they can tear some down and build others up. Through knowing LTru she has given me wonderful insight to not only the business but life.  This journey I choose to walk but its nice to have someone to walk with you who can relate on the issues, struggles and successes. When I approached her about this interview she was most humble as most people are. We are doing this for a bigger picture and the sooner everyone gets on it the better. Its rarely about instant recognition for us…its about leaving a mark that’s more far reaching than imagination..paying it forward in a sense.
I present L~Tru

“Why?  Details…that is the definition of what I am about…what I am attentive to.  What I possess.  Lots of details.”

1) What’s your stage/alias name and how did you come to that name?

My “stage name” (if that’s what we’re calling it LOL) is “LTru” or “Doodlebug”…”Lyrical Doodlebug”.  Yeah.  I came up with this after I transitioned from spoken word artistry to songwriting.  Writing has always been my calling card.  I have been writing since I was 11 years old and a large part of the things that encompass my artistry deal with the “truth” as I see it.  Whether ugly, harsh, blissful or naughty…it is that and that is how I came up with it.  I actually came to LyricallyTru on my own and one of the photographers I worked with (shout out to Xavier Smith “Art-Related”) told me I looked like an “LTru”.  He believed it.  So I rolled with it.

2) Best piece of advice you’ve ever gotten?

I would say that “JButtah” – good friend of mine that spins for WKYS 93.9 in DC, he does the “Wrong Songs” on Friday mornings told me not to sign anything!!!  Definitely make sure you understand any projects and/or agreements you go into and don’t bind yourself legally until you understand all parameters of it.  He also told me to just “do it” like Nike.  Haha…it’s simple but so true.

3) What’s the latest projects you’re working on now?

I am currently working with my cousin (Roger Samuel), who spins for Josephine, Ibiza, and Lotus to name a few DC nightclubs on various electronica and trance tracks.  I am diverse in my writing styles so we collab and I often do voice samples.  I am also compiling a portfolio (video resume) so I can continue my journey with the engineering and sound design hustle.  I always have songs that await an artists’ vocal touch as well.  I stay busy, but right now my real focus is the resume so I can lock down the salary situation and buy a house (so help me GOD lol)

4) What does success mean to you?

Success (in my eyes) means to define and carry out your purpose in life.  To act on faith in yourself (and if you believe, your maker) and LIVE.  It means to take notes and to understand that it is a journey…not a DESTINATION.  You stumble, learn, fall, learn, fail, learn, succeed, and LEARN.  Then you pass it on to others so they can learn and gain wisdom from your experiences.

5) At the end of the day what do you want people to take away from your work

I want people to think a little harder, look a little closer, and reflect more overall.  I want them to think about seeing things a little less selfishly and to embrace truth as they see it like I do.  I like to inspire and I know that I have that power so I use it.  I want others to be influenced by positive energy, motivation, and love.

6) What is one struggle you’ve faced either now or in the past?

I would say that my biggest struggle is balance.  I am a mother, soon-to-be wife, student, employee, engineer, writer, etc.  Discipline is hard when you have so much you love to do, so much you want to learn, so much you are good at, and when you know people who have their own opinions of what you should do, where you should be, go, etc.  I have to stay disciplined in not only my everyday responsibilities, but within my goals and understand that my vision is MINE and others may not see what I see and I have to accept that and act accordingly.

7) “The Recession” has it effected you in anyway? via your work..

I would say it has because I have had to go without necessary equipment that I could use with much more ease in my own home rather than having to travel to it.  I roll with the punches and I will have my set-up in the near future so I am practicing patience at the present moment.  Hopefully when my financial goals are met, I will look back and appreciate that much more remembering when it wasn’t so easy to edit a song and etc. Luckily I have all the access I need to the appropriate toys (lol) but they are not in my home.

8) What if ,any, influences you and your work?

I have TONS of areas I pull inspiration from.  I can get inspired from a quote, an attitude, a picture…all depends on my mindset at that time.  I would say artistically I am very enamored with Amel Larrieux (from Groove Theory).  Her style and message is very inspirational to me.  I HAVE to meet this woman one day.  She has very subtle details about her that I can’t get over.  She is a hell of a writer and vocalist (octave range is BANANAS lol).  Another artist that changed my life (literally) is Talib Kweli and Mos Def.  They spoke to me at a time where I felt a transition with my maturity.  I was becoming my own person and in earlier days where I was more of a shadow (follower) I went with the flow instead of creating one.  After being inspired by these gentleman…BLACKSTARR!!!  My attitude changed immensely and that was the true beginning of my spoken word/neo-soul life.  I saw T. Kweli back in ’03 in DC at “Touch of Soul” concert w/ Floetry…damn near killed and birthed me.  (sorry, had to flow for a sec lol)  That was definitely a memorable bitter-sweet moment for me.  It was the same day I lost a good friend of mine in a car accident.  Tough times…but I grew so much since.  Lastly, I would say Alicia Keys has touched me deeply.  She came back in ’01 at a time where I needed to hear REAL feelings in a song.  Music (especially RADIO shit) was taking a dive for the worse and she dropped “Songs in “A” Minor”.  I cried so much off this album because of how synonymous her feelings were to mine.  It was crazy.  I rode from Jersey to NYC in a trance off this chick when she first came out.  Just talented man.  I needed that music in my life and if I had pipes like that…I’d probably sing just like her.  (Did that last sentence make sense? LOL)

9) What can the people expect from you in the future? (any new direction..old classic etc)

I will have accessible videos, songs, etc. online in the very near future.  I have dedicated more time this past year to helping other up and coming artists on their projects but for 2010 I will definitely have finished versions (especially of visual clips) of work I have done in the studio, projects that I have been involved in over the past 2 years, and material that I have written.  I am working on current affiliations as well but I will wait to shout out specific organizations and individuals until my contracts are signed, sealed, and delivered (LOL).

10) Links to your work and contact info?

Hit me up on www.facebook.com/lyricaldoodlebug





Before we close out I wanted to get a little indept in the roots of where LTru is from~~

This is a photo of the U street Corridor (dc)…it shows through my eyes in many ways.  And not because of Ben’s Chilli Bowl being on this street (lol).  The jazz movement in this area is crazy.  I am heavily influenced by old jazz greats like Ella and Billie Holiday.  I began sharing my spoken word pieces in a spot called Mocha Hut that is located a block before Bens.  I chose to display the corridor of the Metro (however) because from this place it can lead me to another piece of me… NYC…which is where my heart truly is.  I have a very deep love for the arts and Manhattan has many components (Broadway Dance Center on 45th, Radio City Music, etc.) that I am completely enamored with.  I am ridiculously passionate about art.


~ by B.A.N. Sheep~ on January 13, 2010.

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