Ladies?? more than jus pretty faces…

So for the past few post I’ve shown a lot of love to the fellas when it came to artist. Well here I’d like to show some to the ladies. I want people to know that there are woman in the most popular male dominated fields that do more than just stand with ass shorts and titties out. Ive always been one that wanted to behind the scenes, one in part because that’s where longevity is and the true path to financial well being. I’ve been trying to reach beyond my comfort zone so as I try to do so bare with me.

stay tune

djm.nila o.u..t…


~ by B.A.N. Sheep~ on January 13, 2010.

One Response to “Ladies?? more than jus pretty faces…”

  1. Amen To that! From my experience in working with Women whether it be Music, Hedgefund Or currently in Architecture and Design. People Fail to realize that WOmen are the Most valuable Natural Resource on this planet. If this male dominated society opened they eyes to the potential and stop thinking with they penises We would move forward SO much more as a people worldwide.

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