Bridging the Gap: Where’s the love??

Your probably wondering what I’m going on about in that previous post, pardon for me being vague. Teaming up with Mark Milly on this I’ve been wanting to do a documentary about something for the longest time. But like all great things it takes time. I needed a subject I wanted to bring to the artistic world and I wanted to educate the public on some truths; and to find some truths of my own. I originally asked Mark to be in the documentary but that convo turn to some good brain storming and here we are.  I found someone who felt or at least wanted to get some answers and make some great connections. This documentary is beyond the beef years and past the who’s better shenanigans. This documentary is about some hard hitting cutting edge hip hop. Taking you back to the basics of where the DMV originated and the music scene on the Baltimore front.  How the two vary and if they have united. But ultimately where’s the love?? the love between cities, between artist and fan, and between past and present.

We implore you to take a journey with us on discovering the answers.

Please feel free to comment with contact info and we will get back with you if you have insight, an opinion, expertise, artist, producer, fan we want to hear from you..

all open mics, events, meet and greet etc are encouraged as we travel.  Do you know somewhere we should be?? Let us know. This is very much your documentary as ours!!!

~~~~scheduled taping will be announced

!!!!if you feel you have something major to contribute please hit me up and we will work with you.!!!!

****since video and photos will be take a photo/video release will need to be signed by all participates ***


~ by B.A.N. Sheep~ on January 14, 2010.

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