They call him Tom Delay~Delay~Delay~

When I first met Tom Delay it was not in person, nor over the phone, not even through a note ~ chill that’s old school lol~ I met him through this wonderful connection making thing called music. If you don’t know by now then you should be finding out. Tom Delay is a producer that is well dope. Jack of all trade, as you know I tend to keep those around my company..he also Djs and has his own label Brake Fast Records but more than that he’s a true hip hop head to say the least. That is truly saying the least because if you heard any of his stuff you would know better! But that’s why I’m here to share with you such wonder talent that’s driven and just following his own. Just a chill dude that loves music and a sense of humor takes you to Tom Delay~~ have you met him ?? well here you are….

1) What’s your stage/alias name and how did you come to that name?
Tom Delay – It’s kind of a play on how people like to name themselves after drug kingpins, mass murderers, notorious criminals and the like – I’m doing the same.
2) Best piece of advice you’ve ever gotten?
“Go with what you know” – Jerri Blank, Strangers with Candy, 1999

3) What’s the latest projects your working on now?

Just finished the “Cases” LP, which is a crime drama concept album that includes a few other producers (Nick Tha 1da and Mark Henry) and a slew of different emcees including L.E.G.A.C.Y. and A-Class.  That joint just dropped in December of 2009 and you can grab it on iTunes or off of  Got a few joints coming out on Madd Illz’s album, “Unauthorized Absence” in 2010.  Also working on some new albums with A-Class and Trace Blam, as well as compilation, probably titled “Capitol Rhymes”, that will have a real DJ feel to it with all my beats – kinda like a mixtape but not.  Got a few joints with your boy Conscious on that.  Got a concept-driven beat tape and more themed LPs in 2010.  Bunch of ideas still in the works.
4) What does success mean to you?

Mountains of blow, a harem of bitches and an elevator in a two-story crib! Sike! Being able to do what I love and live comfortably off that.

5) At the end of the day what do you want people to take away from your work
Creativity and the intricacies of my beats.  To me, hip-hop is all about flipping shit, words, beats, records, breaking, etc.  You take something someone else has done and fuck it up real bad, take it to the next level and put your own style in it. I’d like people to recognize my chops, sequencing, and formatting because I think it’s unique.

6) What is one struggle you’ve faced either now or in the past?
Working with emcees.  They’re always late!
7) “The Recession” has it effected you in anyway? via your work..
The economy is a figment of our imaginations.
8) What if ,any, influences you and your work?
Everything.  All types of music, experiences in life, art, people, science, ideas, philosophies.

9) What can the people expect from you in the future? (any new direction..old classic etc)

Just doing what I do.  Always trying to come up with creative ideas for projects and themed LPs, keep doing that and building on the same production formulas devised by my predecessors.  Using the foundations they laid and taking it to the next level with my own creativity and experiences.

10) Links to your work and contact info?

I put up new joints every month on my site  Also, I got few joints on that ancient social network Myspace at

As I said before if you don’t know about him you better find out cause your missing out on some quality work. A must have for any true hip hop head. Introduce yourself to what’s real~~ o.u..t… DJM.NILA

P.S. Peep the “Remote Radio” podcast available for free download on iTunes.  Sometimes it’s a mix of local music, other times I go in on mixes of industry shit. ~Tom Delay~

~ by B.A.N. Sheep~ on January 14, 2010.

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