A Question of Brand and Association.

From time to time I have people approach me about wanting to collab on something. And more times than not I am eager to decline.

The reality is everyone is not for everybody. I take what I do very serious and I’ve worked hard toward building a reputation and a style all my own. I work and live by my own standards and quite honestly some just don’t live by it. Now im not saying they need to be exactly like me..but fundmentally speaking…if your talking about boats and hoes lol or drugs n guns then we honestly wouldn’t work well together…that is unless your flipping it and talking about how the gun and drug issues are corrupting our youth and killing our brothers and sisters now. Basically, substance…where there is no substance I do not venture.

Twitter is notorious for non substances users..So many people eager to work with you yet so little substance going around. As an advocate of both sides of business and artistry I encourage everyone to take a hard look at who’s apart of what you do in your field..your only as strong as your weakest player. Your only as good as your weakest artist. Is what you represent and stand for being shared among those who are taking your time and putting there ingredients into the pot. If the answers no then you might want to reevaluate…

One of the best lines ive heard~~ check your ingredients before you over dose on the cool…

What your working so hard for could easily get lost in the nonsense of someones demise..don’t let that happen to you.  Keep good company around you…that way you not only know you can count on yourself but your team to thrive and ultimately be where you wanna be.


~ by B.A.N. Sheep~ on January 19, 2010.

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