Tony Moon & Van Ark presents Sacred Sounds EP

As  I sit on my red bean bag chair writing this up I’m listening to the Song called “Scared Sounds”  and like wine, it’s even better the second time around. …

Hello old, current and new friends…you have reached DjM.Nila. So nice of you to join me today. Currently residing in….the snow is blowing and the sky has vanished…within this state I am, in lays “Sacred Sounds“.

I am very much a mood music kind of person, which basically means whatever I feel I strive to find music to match…

Now to get into how I’m feeling is another post in its self…i digress moving along 🙂

So back to the album…hmmm what can I say that hasn’t been said…its defiantly an instant exanple of a classic “underground hip hop album” and why not..mainstream couldn’t taste this good if it wanted to.  Its like comparing a mickys d double cheese burger (main) to an organic beef burger with homemade cheese and buns baked within that none no comparison! Like a spiritual awakening of what you never knew you were missing Sacred Sounds places you right back where you always wanted to be…

Tony Moon

I like to keep things as real, and in keeping in that mindset over all its a good fluid listen. Two tracks, for me, that stand out are “Sacred Sounds” and “Deja vu”

I’m not really good at doing review, not going lie…for me the proof is in the music..its takes me less than 30 secs to deduce weather the song works for me or not. They’re defiantly other tracks on here to take a close listen to like “Providence

Van Ark

haha so like reading rainbow you “don’t gotta take my word for it”! Just simply click and listen for yourself. Besides real good music will always speak volumes and silence with the music playing and the unspoken communication that happens between fans, producers, artist will ultimately spread like wild fire..and nothing will have to be said.

o.u..t… DjM.Nila

~Click to discover Sacred Sounds~

Independent artists Tony Moon (emcee) and Van Ark (producer) proudly present their first collaboration project, “Sacred Sounds EP” – Now available  for streaming and download. The Virginia duo teams up to bring to the world a completely unique work of art that expands and challenges the definition and boundaries of Hip Hop.

Ethereal Van Ark production and hypnotic instrumentation set the stage for Tony Moon’s melodic yet sharp flow, insightful lyrics, vivid imagery, and detailed content concerning the true nature of the world around us. Complex rhyme schemes and awareness-driven concepts mark this release as an exploration of a realm uncharted by even the most daring artists in today’s industry.

Tony Moon’s first mixtape, “Moonshine: You Know, For Kids!” yielded descriptions of his style as such:

“Tony Moon, from Hampton, VA, is someone I’d like to classify as a rare breed of emcee that’ll take most listeners by surprise once they listen to him. His culture, soul, and devious style of rhyming is one that reaches beyond the ears of hip-hop fans and lands right into their minds where Moon stays implanted for countless future hours. I’ve heard the album three times and still have been thinking about the lyrics and truthfulness that he spits over his beats.” – Under The Gun Review

…and descriptions of his first ever song with Van Ark, “Deja Vu” as such:

“This was one of my favorite songs that Tony Moon blessed on his mixtape. The beat is very mellow and inspirational. The rhymes are informative. Overall, this was a classic track.” – Under The Gun Review

Response to that first collaboration led to the two to form the group Double Heelix and release their first project, “Sacred Sounds EP” .
The EP is comprised of 6 songs, 3 instrumentals, and an interlude. It also features contributions from gifted artists Jah-I-Witness Emcee, Clara T. Street, OZ Arc Radier, and Tom Delay.
Please take a listen and experience a Hip Hop sound unlike anything you or your audience has experienced. You will certainly want to share these vibrations with them. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions. Peace and blessings.

~ by B.A.N. Sheep~ on February 11, 2010.

One Response to “Tony Moon & Van Ark presents Sacred Sounds EP”

  1. whats going on!?! Im an emcee out of northern VA and also a friend of Tony’s and i was curious to see if i could send you my album in regards to a write up. It’s also an underground indie hip-hop album and i think you’ll really enjoy it. You can hear a few cuts off the album at – If this sounds like something you’d be interested in doing please dont hesitate to holler at Thanks for your time and i look forward to hearing from you.

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