Women to Respect~~ Simply called Binary Lyric…

In a sometimes male dominated world, women get pushed down, hidden , forgotten, and/or sold out…you gotta look like this… You gotta have this gimmick….blah blah blah.

Well not these woman..and certainly not me. 🙂 Know that!

I met these woman at a writing session one random night..I wasn’t there to write…but to merely offer and connect what I could.  That turned to where we are today…a bond very much the same..music…even more so a passion for it.

These two extraordinary women are song writers..both amazing stand alone…but even better as a duo. Simply named Binary Lyric. 10 questions 20 answers…lets go!

~~~~~First up Laik C.

1) What’s your stage/alias name and how did you come to that name?

2) Best piece of advice you’ve ever gotten?

3) What’s the latest projects your working on now?

4) What does success mean to you?

5) At the end of the day what do you want people to take away from your work?

6) What is one struggle you’ve faced either now or in the past?

7) “The Recession” has it effected you in anyway? via your work..

8) What if ,any, influences you and your work?

9) What can the people expect from you in the future? (any new direction..old classic etc)

10) Links to your work and contact info?

1.My stage alias name is Laik C. It’s really just an abbreviation of my actual name which is Melaika Campbell. I flirted with the idea of using something else but my real name is unique enough. Plus it means “angel.” Its different and I think its fitting for my personality.

2.The best piece of advice I’ve ever received was from my father. He always said “If you envision it in your mind you can bring it into existence.” I live by this now and its working.

3.Latest projects…hhmm so many. Well right now my biggest project is forming my songwriter catalog with my writing partner Jai L. Together we are Binary Lyric and a part of The Incredible Creation. (www.theincrediblecreation.com) We’re currently writing to all of the tracks we’ve received from several talented producers from all over. I’m also writing with and for artist J. Esquire who is currently working on his album, and another talented upcoming artist….who just happens to be you! Haha.

4.What does success mean to me?  Before maturity kicked in it meant what society tells us what success means; money, clothes, and popularity. As of right now, especially as a writer it means developing my skills and growing with the artists and producers I work with. The outcome will be music that people can enjoy and listen to again and again. Success to me is hearing someone say “Hey I love that song that Laik C. wrote.” The financial aspect will come later down the line, I’m trying to be patient.

5.At the end of the day I want my work to evoke a reaction in people. Listeners should be able to dance, cry, or even be pissed off. I never want my work to leave people without any emotion at all. That would mean I didn’t do my job.

6.One struggle I’ve faced in the past is being comfortable in my own skin. A lot more progress could have been made by now had I spent more time focusing on my calling instead of worrying over the reactions of family and friends. Now that I could care less the positivity that has come into my life is overwhelming.

7.“The Recession” has affected my work in a positive way. The Recession has confirmed that it is not in my destiny to work a typical 9 to 5 that would only lock me as another number in the system. Lack of finances only makes me want to work that much harder.

8.So much influences my work. It could be a song, another person’s life story, a book, any number of things.  Mostly real life situations influence my work above anything else. If the pen doesn’t flow quickly than its obvious I’m not knowledgeable enough about the topic, and need to look elsewhere for inspiration.

9.In the future people can expect me to have or be on the verge of success. And by success I mean my definition. (Look at number 4) I’m bound to be and create works that are “Incredible.” They can also expect a lot of experimentation. Music has become dull. I want to play around with various sounds and song topics. I want to make music with themes without coming off as a preacher or someone who’s just following the latest trends.

10.To protect my work my music is not posted online. However anyone interested in hearing it or interested in working with me can contact me at: c.melaika@gmail.com http://twitter.com/Laik_C Also check out some of my poetry at http://onekhemastryelement.blogspot.com “Be Incredible!”

~~~~Second up Jai Lyric

1.) Well I prefer to be known as Jai Lyric. Umm I originally was going to go as “JEL” which are my initials, and as a representation of me being the gel that glues lyrics and music but eh, I wanted something more solid. So, Jai actually means I have or I am in French and I pieced lyric to say that “I am lyric” but nowadays I keep it abbreviated to Jai L. The name Binary Lyric actually derived from me being in music theory class and we were discussing binary forms so I threw the word binary, to show how we are a music duo, to laik and we pieced it to lyric and Binary Lyric was formed.

2.) Best advice given… Buy a macbook. Lol sadly I still haven’t listened! But second to that was to never pay attention to every dog barking as you walk down the street because if you do… You’ll never reach your destination. So as much as people will hate, or say no to what I do, I won’t be swayed to get off my musical journey.

3.) Its a lot of unmentionables in my and Binary Lyric’s career so we won’t publicize until IT is publicized! Other than that just building our catalog.

4.) Success? That’s pretty personal to me, I want people to recognize that I don’t do it for money. I do it to express the thoughts of average people going through life, so once that audience recognizes that…I’ve reached success!

5.) I want people to realize the intricacies in my lyrics. I’m pretty detailed oriented and strict with arrangement. I want everyone to see my passion and notice how the words I pen only speak from the heart. Hello.. Its write for ya soul… That means for everyone!

6.) My main struggle at this time is finishing school which I will be done this year! Yay! Its very hard to prioritize your passion with what you HAVE to do. Those who know me, know I have musical ADD so I can’t finish work without writing a song. Lol. But musically, wanting to make timeless music in an ever changing industry is a struggle but I’m bringing timeless music back!

7.) Musically, I wasn’t affected but financially I was. I picked up two jobs, but I still made time for music. My coworkers know when I have my headphones on…I’m tuned out of the world. I try to now write music that tends to the emotional and mental struggle that people have during this economic time period and whatever they are facing.

8.) The world around me influences my work. Every single person I encounter has a special effect on my lyrics. Also my educational background of studying psychology and music also have traces in my music. The reinvention of music throughout the years also helps me stay on top of my game and to never stay in a box. The game is ever changing and I have to change with it.

9.) Ooooooooo so much in the future!!! All I have to say is… READ THE CREDITS!!! But other than that my direction will constantly be changing but the message will stay the same.. Cause I still will be writing for everyone’s soul! But timeless music once again… Will be back!

10.) Look out for the new Write For Ya Soul Publishing website and the Binary Lyric website coming Spring 2010! Follow me on twitter if you want to reach out! The names @writeforyasoul, tweet me and I’ll tweet you back!



~ by B.A.N. Sheep~ on February 11, 2010.

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