Mic Check back again! On Deck this time ROB YUNG…

From NY is where he hails…you’ll soon learn that.

I see this and I picture myself taking this picture. So in a sense I feel as if I rule the city being that high up overlooking everything. So with that being said I also have the feeling with music. I don’t claim to be the best or the greatest to ever do this but I do want to some day be the Ruler of my ERA in music and so thats what I get from this image. ~Rob~

So much is to be said about todays music, but this young up and coming artist puts quite to it all. For his message, his delivery, his over all persona is down to earth,  good natured, all around talented guy..his name Rob Yung. Good music will find you when your least expecting it, and this was no different. I had the pleasure of coming across Rob Yung via twitter. A place to build bridges with. Well a bridge was build and respect is the foundation. So in true fashion I wanted to dig a little deeper and find out whats real…I give you Rob Yung…

1. Name- how did you come to your artist name? Well my name came about like this. Everyone used to just call me Rob and I always used to chill with older people. All the teams I ever worked with I was the youngest. Still till this day with YHGM and Incredible Creation I’m still the youngest. And one day I was in the studio just clowning around and my dude was like damn Rob  Yung as hell. He always the youngest and from there on I was just known as Rob Yung.

2.Best piece of advice you have ever gotten? No matter how impossible or how crazy the shit may sound just always follow your dream. When your hungry someone else is starving. So you always gotta stay on your toes and always be hungrier then the next person.

3.Why are you an artist? Well I didn’t choose to be a artist. It was just a gift I found with-in myself. I didn’t grow up wanting to be a rapper or producer or whatever. I always played sports as a kid. Soccer, Baseball, Basketball, you name it. And when I found out about this talent it was hard to persuade my parents this is what I wanted to do because they always had dreams of me growing up to be a professional athlete but when they saw I really wanted this more was when they understood.

4.Whats the latest project<s> the people can expect from you? Daily Basis: The Weekly Agenda EP! Out Now!

5.What is success mean to you?/What do you consider success? Well when I first opened my blog up I wrote an article about success, but I don’t wanna bring ALLLL that up lol. But MY definition to success is the achievement of goals. Now thats the easy way to explain it. But sometimes success can be more then that. It can be something that you feel or something that others feel.

I have a feeling that when people see this they see who I am. They see what I do, my passion for music. This picture also has the up-close and personal feeling to it and that also gives them more of me because its like I got nothing to hide or hold back!

6.What is your view on the current state of hip hop? If I got a penny for every time I heard that. I wouldn’t be working right now! LOL. But in my point of view its great. To me it evolved. Everything changes. If we still had computers like the ones they had in the 90’s we would be screwed! I’m not saying that it evolved into something good but I don’t think it was bad either. It was definitely different.

7.What Challenges have you faced recently? Well life all together. Graduating high school and thinking everything would be good definitely smacked me in the face. Everything got harder. Couldn’t get college loans, work slowed down, and music slowed down for me. I had to work more to pay bills and so I didn’t have time for music.

8.Recession…has it effected you in any way as an artist? Indeed! I tend to blame EVERYTHING on the recession! But at the end of the day its just motivation to grind harder!

9.If nothing else what do you want the people and your fans to take away from your music? Well on this EP I’m releasing now I talk a lot about how I view hip hop now and how “Rappers” tend to talk about stuff thats not really them. They put up a front and a lot of people actually believe the dumb shit they say. So what I do is just bring it to you real. I know I’m broke, I know I’m not in the hood, I know I’m not holding a gun so its like why talk about it?

10. Links to your current work, contact, blog, website etc. Well first and foremost I want to thank you for this interview and here for my latest work I will be emailing you a link to my EP. For the others get at me!


~ by B.A.N. Sheep~ on February 23, 2010.

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