Fresh Air…Introducing Van Ark

Greetings, peace and love to all…its been a long time and I’m burning that midnight oil!
I wanna talk to ya’ll about Van Ark Producer/Emcee extraordinaire! I first heard about the cat through a good friend of mine Tony Moon and an EP he collaborated with called Sacred Sounds. It was here I got to hear and appreciate the sounds this man brings to the table…so I had to find out more. I encourage you to do the same!
My Name is Van Ark i am a Producer/Emcee from Richmond, Virginia…

1.Name and how long you’ve been an MC?  I have been Emceeing since i was 17 and Producing music since i was 19 i started out making pause beats tapes and making stuff on my old keyboards and also writing lyrics and getting into the music between 17 and 19.

2. What initially attracted you to the field of music? What really attracted me to the music was the vibe of different artists that influenced me such as Slum Village, Wu-tang Clan, Bjork, Stereolab, Chick Corea, Sun Ra I was into so many different types of music such as Jazz, House, Hip-Hop, electro, Rock, Experimental etc

3. Best Achievement thus far in your musical journey? Well it’s hard for me to say because i feel i have been blessed to work with some of my favorite artists i would say on example  i had the honor of working with the Late Titus ” Baatin” Glover from Slum village I was grateful to have met him and do some music with him because he was one of my favorite artists i grew up listening to and when i got the chance to work with him he will be missed not only was he talented but a good person as well..

4.One drawback from what you do? Well I think the drawbacks may be balancing time because i produce music, emcee, and i am a experimental musician so i tend to wear many hats and get really busy and do multiple projects but i think it can be done you just have to plan things out.

5.What is your outlook on success for yourself? I think success is defined by the individual and what they expect from music so i would say that success is when a multitude of things for example i would say being able to make moves in life with the music that i make and evolve further than where i was before physically, spiritually and mentally.

6.Current Project your working on? Right now i am working on my follow up album to chemical beats and also another side Project with a Band Called The Bionic Megaz! and also album i am releasing with a great Emcee from Detroit name Blake Eerie

7. What are some past projects you’ve worked on? I have Worked on Projects as a Producer and a Emcee with artists from The United Kingdom, Germany, France, Sweden and Also here in the States as well some of these projects have came out nationally and internationally on various music labels overseas in Japan, France and Macedonia

8. How does the new differ from the old? how have you grown as an artist? Well i would say that i became more and more into the intricate styles and sounds in music
studying and having a eclectic taste in all styles of music. I that have influenced me over the years and that helped me to grow as well.

9. Why are you an artist? Whats your ultimate purpose? The Reason I am a artist is to put out vibes of creativity and understanding about doing what your spirit tells you to do whatever it may be and being able to push the boundaries in sounds and tones. The Ultimate Purpose for me in music is to show my side of expression in making my music compositions and being able to connect and receive what vibes i put out through the music to reach for new heights in understanding and life.

10.What do you want people to take away from your art? I would want people to take away from my art is that i liked to push the boundaries and also vibe
out to the collage of sounds and noises that are created and given to them as not only audio but visual as well.

11. Links, site, etc for your work. ( your moment to promote!) I Have a E.P Coming out on Root70lounge Label (Japan) it is called the Midnight Music Theatre and it is Dropping in Late April you can also look for a Album From Blake Eerie and Van Ark called Six Mile Smooth coming this summer! Thanx to all the people that support Van Ark and also My fellow Music Artists i have worked with and also you Malaya Thanx!

Van Ark Music Links

Van Ark You tube Channel
Also feel free to add me on facebook as well!
Peace and blessings to all!
There you have it folks..please check this man out! Good music is knocking will you answer? lets hope so. o.u..t..DJM.NILA

~ by B.A.N. Sheep~ on May 17, 2010.

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