…reborn a new lane a new path…

A lot has changed in my life…and much of it has not been east to swallow. I want to apologize for anyone I was working with previous than sorta fell off the face of the earth. I hope I haven’t lost you completely and if I have I only hope I can regain your favor. If your just joining me than I hope you take something out of what I’m doing. I had my hands in a lot of pots when i decided to disconnect from it all. Only select projects will be picked back up.  A documentary of the Baltimore music scene and the DC music scene by the name of “Bridging the gap” was under pre production…This project was to shed light on the disparity that has and is happening…however I’ve decided I’ll let someone else tell that story. I am working on future projects so stay tune…Also I was working on a mixtape…This is still in the works..again stay tune…finally there will be a lot of art work that will be post soon…I touched a lot on artist that were in local areas of their neighborhood….this new approach will be my journey as well as the artist I meet and help push along the way…feels good to be back in this new place that I’m in. Love.


~ by B.A.N. Sheep~ on September 22, 2011.

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